Random Quotes from New Books This December

As you deck your halls, why don’t you deck your shelves with our books?

Jacket image, The Graphic Designer's Business Survival GuideThe Graphic Designer’s Business Survival Guide by Lawrence J. Daniels

“Downtime is, of course, a fact of life for service businesses. And while it may be great to imagine to imagine the revenue stream you’d generate if all of your time were billable, in reality you’d have no time left for any of the other functions necessary for the operation of your business. The key to managing downtime successfully is to use it constructively to address each of the other functions required to ensure the smooth operation of your firm–and your life.” (page 135)

Jacket image, What Your CEO Needs to Know About Sales CompensationWhat Your CEO Needs to Know About Sales Compensation: Connecting the Corner Office to the Front Line by Mark Donnolo

“Looking back on the Revenue Roadmap and the C-Level Goals established at the beginning of the process can help the management team explain why they decided to change the sales compensation plan this year. Usually, the organization makes a plan adjustment if there is a change in sales strategy, a change in how the organization goes to market with its sales resources and sales process, a need to respond to a competitive situation, or if the plan simply isn’t doing what the organization intended and needs some adjustment or redesign.” (page 216)

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