Random Quotes from New Books This January

Why don’t you ring in the New Year with some of our books?

Jacket image, AMA Business Boot CampAMA Business Boot Camp: Management and Leadership Fundamentals That Will See You Successfully Through Your Career
edited by Edward T. Reilly

“Coaching requires a level of preparation that managers often underestimate. The session should not have an ad hoc quality, leaving the direct report wondering how seriously to take the whol thing. As Jim McCormick suggests, the coaching process is about developing a strategy for a course of action as opposed to throwing out ideas for improvement. Taking the necessary time to plan for a coaching meeting will have a major impact on its effectiveness. the little time it takes will pay off by providing a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish.” (page 47)

Jacket image, Leading the Learning RevolutionLeading the Learning Revolution: The Expert’s Guide to Capitalizing on the Exploding Lifelong Education Market by Jeff Cobb

“Not surprisingly, the potential downside  most often mentioned when I discuss virtual conferences with my clients is the loss of interaction and intimacy that they feel comes with the medium. It’s tempting to simply dismiss this perception as outdated. People, after all,  have become dramatically more accustomed to interacting in meaningful ways online since the rise of Facebook and other popular social media. Certainly, the evolution of social media in general has made the virtual conference much more attractive. Even so, there is often a very real loss that occurs when human beings don’t have the opportunity to communicate in person.” (page 79)

jacket image, Real InfluenceReal Influence: Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving In
by Mark Goulston and  Dr. John Ullmen

“This quickly creates a vicious cycle, because the more snakelike you get, the more agitated your amygdala becomes. Pretty soon, your human and mammal brains are entirely out of the loop. So you’re not connecting with peopoel logically, and you’re not connecting with them emotionally. Instead, you’re cornered in your here, and you want to either escape from the people who are upsetting you or hurt them.”

Jacket image, Success Under StressSuccess Under Stress: Powerful Tools for Staying Calm, Confident, and Productive When the Pressure’s On by Sharon Melnick

“When Brianna’s thoughts about ‘I’m not good enough’ get activated, she feels bad about herself; she thinks she needs to protect herself from being taken advantage of. That’s why she feels deflated and ‘loses it.’ When Brianna learned this insight, she was blown away. ‘I am shocked at why I reacted. But I can see that’s definitely true,’ she told me. In short, the real reason she snapped was that her husband’s question activated her own doubt.” (page 166)

Jacket image, What Your CEO Needs to Know About Sales CompensationWhat Your CEO Needs to Know About Sales Compensation: Connecting the Corner Office to the Front Line by Mark Donnolo

“Yes, sales skill is still a big part of the sales manager’s role. Leaders from front-line sales managers up to the CEO continue to play a critical role in direct customer selling and relationship management. The situation described in Chapter 5 regarding the CEO building the relationship with the global customer’s CEO in London illustrates a common role for senior leaders. As the sales team organizes its facings to the customer (which team members face off with customers), everything needs to match all the way up the organization chart like good man-to-man or zone coverage on a basketball team. While the sales managers should resist jumping in and selling for the rep, he should play on ongoing role in building relationships at and above the level where the sales rep is working.” (page 193)

Jacket image, Who Says It's a Man's WorldWho Says It’s a Man’s World: The Girls’ Guide to Corporate Domination by Emily Bennington

“On the other hand, if a recurring pattern of excuses and poor performance becomes apparent, you have to address it. But before you write off the employee as a dud, start with a little internal detective work. First, you want to find out if the person’s success metrics were clearly defined–in writing–at the beginning of the project, not midstream. (Sometimes what we think of as ‘mediocre’ is the end result of vague communication.) Next you want to dig in to the time allotted for the project. Was it a total rush job? In that case, what did you expect?” (page 161)

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