Podcast: Lina Echeverria on Fostering a Culture of Ideas

Photo of Lina Echeverria, author of Idea AgentLina Echeverria, author of Idea Agent: Leadership that Liberates Creativity and Accelerates Innovation recently discussed how leaders and managers can foster a culture of creativity on an  American Management Association podcast.

It takes an understanding culture to foster creativity. Lina Echeverria, author of the new AMACOM book Idea Agent, knows how it feels to fight for creative input. Now that she’s in a leadership position, she does her best to make sure her teams don’t feel the same aggravation she’s experienced. Team members need to know they’re safe to vocalize their ideas and, even if those ideas aren’t eventually accepted, they feel heard..

Jacket image, Idea Agenty by Lina EcheveriaListen to the AMA Edgewise podcast here.

Lina Echeverria is an innovation leadership consultant with 25 years experience in science and technology. From scientist to vice president, she helped drive new products at Corning Inc. that now underpin our technology-based economy, from faster optical fiber that powers the Internet to flat-panel glass used in everything from smart phones to LCD TVs.

Want to listen to more interviews with AMACOM authors on the AMA Edgewise podcast? Click here.


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