Random Quotes from New Books This March

Daylight Savings Time starts soon. Why not fill that extra hour of daylight with some AMACOM books?

Book cover image, Be a Direct Selling Superstar by Mary ChristensenBe a Direct Selling Superstar: Achieve Financial Freedom for Yourself and Others as a Direct Sales Leader by Mary Christensen

“Most of us enjoy being praised. Make everyone on your team feel special by heaping on the recognition. Track and acknowledge personal and team milestones, and make a big deal of achievements. If you value your team members you”ll never be short on ways to recognize them. New people are the most vulnerable, so single them out for special attention. If a recruit’s sponsor is not attending the meeting, arrange for that person to sit with one of your empathetic doves. Make guests feel welcome by asking the people who invited them to introduce the guests and share what they admire abou them.” (page 162)

Book cover image, The Customer Service Survival KitThe Customer Service Survival Kit: What to Say to Defuse Even the Worst Customer Situations by Richard S. Gallagher

You do not know how to acknowledge other people. Especially difficult ones. I mean this in the nicest possible way. In my experience working with groups ranging from senior executives to front-line employees, the vast majority do not know how to acknowledge a truly obnoxious, demanding customer. These are good people who try hard to do the right thing with customers, and they either struggle with what to say as they are being taunted, baited or yelled at, or they fall back on empty catchphrases that don’t work. (page 28)

Book cover image, Generations at Work by Ron Zemke, Bob Filipczak and Claire RainesGenerations at Work: Managing the Clash of Boomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Yers in the Workplace, Second Edition by Ron Zemke, Claire Raines and Bob Filipczak

“Boomers have made an art form of turning the mundane and ordinary into trendy sources of soap-opera style drama, and they continue that practice in the way they look at aging. They have reengineered the process. The Boomers are making senior citizenship as trendy as cappuccino and personal trainers.” (page 85)

Book cover image, The New Rules of Lead Generation by David ScottThe New Rules of Lead Generation: Proven Strategies to Maximize Marketing ROI by David T. Scott

“If you’ve been doing lead-generation marketing for some time, you probably have an idea of what your target CPA is for the tactics you use. However,  it can be tricky to determine your average cost for a tactic you’ve never used before. In some cases, it may help to know the average return for that tactic.” (page 85)

Book cover image, Personality Power by Shoyz ZichyPersonality Power: Discover Your Unique Profile–and Unlock Your Potential for Breakthrough Success by Shoya Zichy 

“Most of us have mentally disengaged during work hours because of conflict, stress or frustration. An alarming 33 percent of us are disengaged permanently, costing $300 billion in lost productivity annually. According to a New York Times article, ‘Do Happier People Work Harder?’ progress in meaningful work is the greatest professional motivator, ahead of  raises and bonuses. Conflict occurs when people are required to spend long periods of time together, physically and virtually; but that’s also the time when creativity and accomplishment occur.” (page 14)

Book cover image, Web Copy That Sells, Third Edition, by Maria VelosoWeb Copy That Sells: The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy That Grabs Their Attention and Compels Them to Buy, Second Edition by Maria Veloso 

“Headlines are the starting point of successful web copy. If your headline fails to capture the attention of readers, it doesn’t matter how good your body copy is because your readers won’t ever get there. According to master direct marketer and author Ted Nicholas, who reportedly has sold $500 million worth of products in 49 industries, a good headline can be as much as 17 times more effective thank a so-so headline. Simply changing one word or one figure in a headline can dramatically improve the response” (page 66)

Want to sample other AMACOM books? Check out our Random Quotes from New Books series.


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