AMACOM’s Best Business Books of 2012

AMACOM books won a number of awards and landed on a several of “best of” lists and round-ups in 2012. We regularly post these honors, but we thought our own round-up was in order for a great year for our books and authors! Congratulations to the authors whose hard work, dedication, and passion went into their books, and for the value their books have added to business literature.

The Best Business Books of 2012 from Strategy+Business magazine

“…Vincent reminds us that branding is first and foremost a strategic act…that’s why Brand Real is as relevant to the CEO as it is to the CMO.”

2012 Innovation Award from the publishers of Business Insurance magazine

2012 Outstanding Business Reference Source from the American Library Association

Book cover image, AMA Handbook of FInancial Risk Management by John Hampton

“The author’s stated intention was to create a reference book comprising a dictionary, an encyclopedia, and a “cookbook,” by which he meant directions for applying techniques to achieve results and outcomes. It succeeds in all these dimensions.”

Top 20 Best Books on Coaching and Mentoring for 2012 from Ready to Manage

Book cover image, Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach

“Exceptional coaches draw on their professional experience, knowledge of organizationally relevant topics, strong helping skills, coaching-specific competencies, and most important, their ability to use their own intuition in the service of the client. This book aims to bring all of these elements together to guide readers in developing their own personal model of coaching.”

Book cover image, A Manager's Guide to Coaching by Brian Emerson and Ann Loehr

“Brian Emerson and Ann Loehr have spent years showing some of the country’s top companies how to develop their most promising employees. Now in this book they guide managers through every step of the coaching process, from problem solving to developing accountability.”

2012 Distinction Awards for Business Books from ExecRank

2012 Influential Marketing Book Award from Rohit Bhargava

Book cover image, Lead with a Story by Paul Smith

“…brilliant…filled with rare insights and ‘you had to be there’ style stories, this book lives up to its promise of using storytelling to deliver powerful lessons….You won’t often get this deep of a look inside the brain of a marketing leader – and that alone makes Lead With A Story a must read for 2012.”

2012 Diversity Award from the Multicultural Forum at the University of St. Thomas

Book cover image, FIeld Tested by Emily King

“King’s passion for veterans and the challenges they face as they return home and to work is palpable and she is clearly the trendsetter for introducing companies and organizations to this pressing issue.”

Book cover image, The Diversity Index by Susan Reed2012 Axiom Business Book Award from Independent Publisher, Gold in Women/Minorities in Business Planning Category

Top 5 Educational Books for 2012 from Literacy News

Book cover image, Why Boys Fail by Richard Whitmire

“Richard Whitmire’s book provides an excellent overview of the subject, examining how environmental factors, school policies, and parenting approaches can lead to gender gaps in education. There are a lot of books on the market at the moment which deal with this subject, but I find Whitmire’s to be the most engaging.”


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