Random Quotes from New Books This April

Don’t be fooled in business. Read our new books!

book cover image, The AMA Dictionary of Business and Management by George Thomas KurianThe AMA Dictionary of Business and Management by George Thomas Kurian

Fixed pie: Assumption that the market for a product is finite and that an increase in one segment will be at the expense of another.

Flag of convenience: National flag of certain small countries, such as Panama or Liberia, flown by a ship owned by nationals of another country. Flag is flown to avoid paying high taxes, incurring high labor costs and meeting stringent safety and environmental regulations.” (page 115)

book cover image, Conversations That Sell by Nancy BleekeConversations That Sell: Collaborate with Buyers and Make Every Conversation Count by Nancy Bleeke

“Expressers make a lot of decisions, and they may reverse many of them as well. They will make decision ‘in the moment’ that satisfies them and the people with them at that time. If contrary opinions or ideas surface soon after, they can be easily swayed to change their decision. The opinions of the other people involved matter to them. You, the people on your team, and the people affect the decision are important drivers in a decision.” (page 172)

book cover image, Intelligent Leadership by John MattoneIntelligent Leadership: What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential by John Mattone

“Once you, as a leader or emerging leader, isolate your individual values, you can now better understand why you act and behave as you do. When you start exploring your own unique value hierarchy and assess the degree to which that hierarchy either supports or deviates from the elements of character, you make it easier to see why you sometimes make a bad decision, can’t make a decision, or even why your decision sometimes creates conflict. Consider this: if your number one value is security and your second value is power, you have conflicting values so close in rank that you are very likely to experience a lot of stress when making any decision.” (page 44)

book cover image, The Brian Tracy Success Library: Motivation by Brian TracyThe Brian Tracy Success Library: Motivation by Brian Tracy

“It is not what a person says or wishes or hopes or intends that explains who they are inside. It is only the actions that they take that matter, and especially the actions that they take under pressure, when they are forced to choose between one action and another, between one value and a conflicting value.” (page 48)

book cover image, Successful Acquisitions by David BraunSuccessful Acquisitions: A Proven Plan for Strategic Growth by David Braun

“Market selection should begin with a broad sweep but become progressively narrower. You will eventually be looking for very specific segments, because the tighter your market focus, the greater your chances of success. If your approach to markets is geographic, for example, you may begin by considering an acquisition in Europe. But as your research deepens, you may find yourself looking only in southern Germany. If you are looking to acquire an auto parts manufacturer, you may narrow your focus to those that make parts for hybrid cars instead of for all vehicles. ” (page 67)

book cover image,  This is How to Get Your Next Job by Andrea KayThis is How to Get Your Next Job: An Inside Look at What Employers Really Want by Andrea Kay

“It may seem like a perfectly natural response to explain why you want the job you’re interviewing for when you’re a recent graduate, a younger worker, or moving in to an area in which you’ve never worked. But it doesn’t fare well. Again,  it may make you sound eager–which isn’t bad. But that’s not enough to make employer want to hire you. Yes, employers know you need to learn. Even seasoned folks will need to get up to speed on certain things. But you won’t get hired because of that. Forgive me for repeating myself, but I find you can never hear this enough. Why would they hire you? Because you can help the company create and deliver the product it makes or service it offers. And you need to know you will do that. Or as I left it in the last chapter: How will you justify your paycheck?” (page 161)

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