Spotlight on…Soldier of Finance

Jacket Image, Soldier of Finance by Jeff RoseWe’re shining our spotlight on Soldier of Finance: Take Charge of Your Money and Invest in Your Future, by Jeff Rose, CFP, which has been getting rave reviews and starting important conversations about personal finance and debt. Rose, an Army veteran, draws on his military background to set up a guide to financial planning that civilian and military families can use to get out of debt and reach financial goals.

The New York Times says Soldier of Finance is “among the best of the crop” of new personal finance books and:

“provides a solid foundation of personal finance basics. Mr. Rose is particularly good in explaining how to establish and keep good credit; the need for having clear, specific financial goals; how to learn from your mistakes when you go off track; and the best ways to eliminate debt.”

Black Enterprise says:

“If you’re thinking this is a run-of-the-mill budgeting handbook, it’s not. Rose is sure to keep you intrigued as he shares his personal money stories and the stories of people he has counseled.”

Go Banking Rates calls Soldier of Finance:

One of “5 personal finance books you absolutely need to read this fall.”

The word from 20s Finances is:

“If you want to read a book on personal finance that will keep your attention, actually teach you something new, and give you a practical application to your life, I strongly recommend that you buy Soldier of Finance.”

Family Money Values raves:

” If you are new to personal finance, this book is for you…Each part of military life was directly correlated to something in the financial realm. Demonstrating the importance of the military life item through story and then relating it to a personal finance concept reinforced the importance of pursuing that personal finance item. Any young person looking to get their financial lives in order could benefit from reading and taking action based on this book.”

MoneyPlan SOS says Soldier of Finance:

” isn’t just for those who have served in the military, it is for anyone who has made bad money decisions in their past.”

The Military Guide advises:

“If you’re dealing with any debt or feeling discouraged about your own retirement planning…get your hands on the book.”

Planting Money Seeds enthuses:

“Jeff writes in a way that is both humble and no-nonsense. He shows you exactly what you need to do to make it work. I place this financial book among one of the best, especially for those looking for actionable ways to take charge of their finances.”

The Military Wallet praises Rose’s perspective:

“I’ve read dozens of books on money management and financial planning, but I’ve never read one with the approach Jeff uses. He shares his background and personal anecdotes to distill difficult financial topics into a language every one of us can understand. Even better, Jeff lays out a road map to help you get your own finances in order. This book contains a lot of excellent information and is best treated as a manual for long term financial planning. Using this resource, you can learn how to manage debt, understand your credit report and credit score, identify your financial goals, begin saving for the future, start investing, save for a home, and insure yourself, your family, and your belongings. In short – it’s a manual you can keep on your shelf and use for reference at virtually any stage of your life.”

World Traveling Military Family says Soldier of Finance:

“…helps guide you in the necessary steps that you need to overcome any challenges, make a game plan, and become a Soldier of Finance…Great book full of resources for anyone wanting to take control of their finances and future…applies to all ages and stages of life and these principles can be applied to anyone and their family.”

Money QandA says:

“Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge from both the military and his financial planning practice and breaks it all down in his new book for everyone to enjoy.”

Enemy of Debt says:

“The book is an easy read and serves not only as an instruction manual, but a reference book that families could put on their bookshelves and reread on a regular basis to give their finances a checkup.”

Military Avenue had this to say:

“With the smooth military jargon mixed with easily understood financial conversation, Soldier of Finance is an easy read. The bullet summaries at the end of each chapter are extremely helpful and helped this airman refocus on what he had just read! I can highly recommend this book for the military community (civilians will enjoy it as well). If you are new to the military, it will be an enormous help to avoid some of the tank traps of financial life. Already there? It will help you dig out and avoid them in the future.”

Dinks Finance promises Soldier of Finance:

“…will kick-start your new financial life… [Rose] has a superior knowledge of personal finance and who can talk about money to people like they are actually people.”

Get Rich Slowly calls Soldier of Finance:

“…a disciplined, no-nonsense, no excuses approach to personal finance…”

Consumerism Commentary praises the book’s relevance to civilians:

“Jeff gives personal finance an interesting spin stemming very deeply from his own experiences inside and outside of the military.You don’t need to have military experience to take helpful information away from Soldier of Finance. I am very much a civilian and enjoyed reading the stories .”

Well-Kept Wallet had this to say:

Soldier of Finance is a no-nonsense, military-style training manual to overcoming financial obstacles and building lasting wealth.”

photo of Jeff Rose, author of Soldier of FinanceJeff Rose is a Certified Financial Planner™ and an Iraq combat veteran. A regular contributor to U.S. News & World Report, MarketWatch, and, he is the author of two popular personal finance blogs, and the nationally recognized, which has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Kiplinger, and The Wall Street Journal.



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