Spotlight on…What Keeps Leaders Up at Night

Jacket Image, What Keeps Leaders Up at Night by Nicole LipkinWe’re shining our spotlight on What Keeps Leaders Up at Night: Recognizing and Resolving Your Most Troubling Management Issues by Nicole Lipkin which has been earning praise from the media about her insights on leadership.

Publishers Weekly says:

“Clinical and business psychologist Lipkin helps readers understand how to realign their thoughts so they can stay calm and do good work… Lipkin makes excellent points about understanding the difference between what the voice in one’s head is saying and what is really happening. If business leaders leap to disastrous conclusions after minor incidents, they need to retrain their brains not to panic. These cognitive distortions keep leaders in a state of frenzy. Lipkin shows readers how to deal with assumptions and expectations; help teams work with change; understand why good teams go bad; resist the tendency toward group conformity; keep competition from becoming warfare; and simply deal with the usual problems in running a business. Lipkin’s emphasis on understanding the psychology behind these issues and her conversational, engaging tone will appeal to readers flummoxed by their all-too-human teams.”

The word from  ABA Banking Journal is:

“I highly recommend this book as a way to gain insight on why some of the people that work for you act the way they do and how to better manage all employees…”

CIO Insight says:

“Leaders can go into a ‘dark corner’ when struggling with shortcomings. You must first ‘shine a bright light’ to identify and understand them before you can make improvements.”

Young Upstarts has this to say:

“…while many other leadership books tell you what to do in a certain situation, Lipkin tears apart the issue to find and make aware the underlying causes and triggers that has led the situation developing in the first place and then offer sagely advice to deal with it accordingly…It will help you recognize your own leadership and management fallibility and then help build you back up to be the better leader you can be.”

Sources of Insight raves:

“It’s a MUST read. It’s that good. It’s the perfect answer for today’s world.  It will fill your toolbox with leadership skills that take your leadership effectiveness to another level.”

The Psychology of Well Being says:

“Psychology offers a wealth of research-tested strategies for how to lead a team, build customer loyalty, or negotiate with others.  In my experience, most managers fail to educate themselves on the science of human psychology, creating a huge competitive advantage for those who do. Lipkin’s book is a great place to start.”

The Key Point has this to say:

“In this excellent book, clinical psychologist Nicole Lipkin explains the psychology behind many of the human behaviors that affect productivity and sound decision making in the workplace…I think a course called Psychology for Business Majors, using this book and Daniel Goleman’s Primal Leadership, would be far more useful than Psych 101 or any Human Resources course requirement I had.”

A Successful Woman says:

“This book isn’t only for top managers.  Her insights on behavior can help all of us achieve our goals.”

Business Conjunctions enthuses:

“What I love most about this book is the extensive psychological and nitty gritty neuroscience research Lipkin has used to make her point…It’s hard for me to hide my being a fan of this book, but I do realize that it is because I have been looking for the kind of scientific information and leadership-gone-wrong-cases that are elaborately being described by Lipkin.”

Bella Online calls What Keeps Leaders Up at Night:

“…a well-written and well thought out book about the everyday aspects of leadership in the business environment. If you are a manager or owner of a business with employees, this is a book that should be on your must-read list.”

Changing Winds promises:

“This is a very worthwhile book to read, both for those individuals in formal leadership-management positions and those aspiring to these roles. Be sure to check it out.”

Watch the book trailer for What Keeps Leaders Up at Night.

Photo of Nicole Lipkin, author of What Keeps Leaders Up at NightNicole Lipkin, a sought-after speaker and consultant, holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology as well as an MBA. She has shared her expertise on NPR, NBC, CBS, Fox Business News, and other high-profile media outlets.


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