Reminder Webcast: Wiki Management- New Solutions for Managing at the Pace of Rapid Change

Photo of Rod Collins, author of Wiki ManagementThe American Management Association New Media team will be doing a webcast this week with Rod Collins, author of Wiki Management: A Revolutionary New Model for a Rapidly Changing and Collaborative World. He will be explaining how managers can act as facilitators and transition from traditional management models to a collaborative network.

Nov 20, 2013
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST
Fee: Complimentary
Meeting Number: 17828-00001

Conventional management thought presumes that command-and-control is the most effective way to organize the efforts of large numbers of people, but rapid change and increasing complexity have rendered that model obsolete.

As a result, most managers today lack the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a world where advantage belongs to the fast and the adaptable. However, there is a small but growing group of managers who are thriving in this time of great change by designing their organizations around the principles and practices of a new and very different model—Wiki Management.

The practitioners of this new model don’t build hierarchies; they build networks. That’s because in a postdigital world, networks are smarter and faster than hierarchies.

Examples of companies that are consciously focused on not building traditional bureaucratic hierarchies include Google, Zappos, Amazon, and Whole Foods. In addition, there are a handful of established companies that have embraced this paradigm shift such as Procter & Gamble, 3M, Johnson & Johnson, and IBM.

This webcast will explore how today’s most successful companies are using the power of networks to master the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Jacket image, Wiki Management by Rod CollinsSign up for Rod Collins’s AMA Webcast.

Rod Collins is the Director of Innovation at Optimity Advisors, a national management consulting firm.  He is the former Chief Operating Executive of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program. Under his leadership, the business experienced its greatest five-year growth period in its 52-year history, as year after year, it set new records for operational and financial performance.


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