Archived Webcast: When Good Leaders (Sometimes) Go Bad

Photo of Dr. Nicole Lipkin, author of What Keeps Leaders Up at Night

Last week, our American Management Association New Media team conducted a webcast with Nicole Lipkin, author of What Keeps Leaders Up at Night: Recognizing and Resolving Your Most Troubling Management Issues. She explained how managers can avoid three common missteps that can derail an otherwise good leader. You can still register and listen to the archived webcast.

Nov 6, 2013
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST
Meeting Number: 17825-00001

When it comes to effective leadership, “It’s all in your head.”

No one escapes the occasional bad mood, irrational thought, angry outburst, nasty self-righteousness, bad decision or mistrustful reaction: imperfections make us human.

Most often we commit these missteps in private.

But behave that way just once in the glare of the public spotlight, and you earn a reputation as being “that sort of person.” Why? Because presiding over other people gives you celebrity power.

When you take a close look at why good leaders go bad (temporarily versus the chronically horrible leaders that go bad every minute of the day), you usually find three overarching reasons:

  • Too busy to win
  • Too proud to see
  • Too afraid to lose

Think of these root causes, not as cancers that can kill, but as common colds, which anyone can easily and quickly cure with the right medicine.

With insight into the neuroscience, psychology, and group dynamics that often flip the switch from good to temporarily bad leader, this program shines a bright light into the dark corners of these leadership snafus.

Cover image, What Keeps Leaders Up at Night by Nicole Lipkin

CLICK HERE to sign up for Nicole Lipkin’s AMA Webcast.

Nicole Lipkin, a sought-after speaker and consultant, holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology as well as an MBA. She has shared her expertise on NPR, NBC, CBS, Fox Business News, and other high-profile media outlets.


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  1. I really appreciate your thought books really increase our personal and professional growth.

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