Random Quotes from New Books This January

Why not start off 2014 with a resolution to read some AMACOM books to improve your business, your career, and your life?

Jacket image, The Art of Social Selling by Shannon BelewThe Art of Social Selling: Finding and Engaging Customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Other Social Networks  by Shannon Belew

“In general, those marketers who have spent anywhere from six to eleven hours weekly in social networks gained a significant increase in leads and improved sales, and were able to build new business partnerships. This is in addition to increasing awareness, or exposure to their business. Marketers who had been using social media for one to three years saw the greatest benefits, significantly more than those who had been using it for six months or less.” (page 105)

Jacket image, Time Management: The Brian Tracy Success LibraryThe Brian Tracy Success Library: Time Management by Brian Tracy

“Do everuything possible to avoid playing telephone tag. Set up telephone appointments exactly as you would set up a face-to-face meeting in the office. When you call people, leave a specific time and number at which  you would be available. When people call you, and you can’t always speak to with them, have your secretary get a call-back time that is convenient for the caller. It should be during hours when you will be in your office or available by telephone so that you can return calls on time.” (page 83)

Jacket image, The Economy of You by Kimberly PalmerThe Economy of You: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life by Kimberly Palmer

“Some people allow that tension they feel between their full-time jobs and side-gigs to build until it explodes. When the now-famous novelist Jeffrey Eugenides worked as an executive secretary for a poetry organization at the beginning of his career, he secretly spent hi time in the office writing his novel, The Virgin Suicides. New York magazine reports  that he would type on office letterhead to try to escape notice. But it didn’t work; his bosses noticed and he got fired. For side-giggers who like and depend on their full-time jobs, that’s a disastrous outcome. It’s also one that can be avoided, even when the two pursuits don’t mix well, by finding ways to create time in non-work hours.” (page 104)

Jacket image, Idea to Invention by Patricia Nolan-BrownIdea to Invention: What You Need to Know to Cash in on Your Inspiration by Patricia Nolan-Brown

“The world is full of great stories from famous and successful people who had to surmount obstacle after obstacle with their sheer fighting spirit. I met Debbi Fields (of Mrs. Fields Cookies) at a trade show where she was the keynote speaker. She told us about all the roadblocks she had encountered from food manufacturers who wouldn’t sell her ingredients because she wanted small quantities at first, to family members who were used to formal business plans, to banks that refused to fund her. She was even told by a market research company that her cookies would never sell because people wanted crunchy ones, not soft ones!” (page 61)

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