Elizabeth on Bookish New Year’s Resolutions

4…3…2…1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Now, what should I read in 2014?

I know that this time of year inspires many people to make healthy changes in their diets; to strive for new achievements in their careers and to exercise more (as a former personal trainer, I know all about how crowded gyms can get in January, believe me!)

The resolutions I make every year have a lot to do with my love of reading.

1. I resolve to make time to read for pleasure each week, no matter how busy I get with work and graduate school.

1a. I resolve to unwind at the end of the day with a book instead of the TV. I have to break the crime drama habit.

2. I resolve to track my reading progress using GoodReads. I like the Reading Challenges they set up to track the number of books finished in a year. Don’t ask me how I managed to read 60 books in 2013, but I’d like to hit that number again.

3. I resolve to read at least 5 books I already own. (I have books I’ve been “meaning to read… eventually” that have been sitting on my shelves for almost 10 years.)

4. I resolve to return my library books on time. I’m in grad school for a Masters in Library Science, which makes me feel especially sheepish when I rack up fines. Being able to check out e-books helps, though. When they’re due, they just vanish.

5. I resolve to read one of the classics that have been sitting on my Kindle for ages. I might have to set aside my goal of reading The Three Musketeers, at least until I’m done with grad school. but I should at least be able to finish a few Sherlock Holmes stories!

6. I resolve to go through my bookshelves and see how many I can bear to part with. Things are getting a little crowded.

What about you? Do any of your resolutions have a bookish slant?

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