Patricia Nolan-Brown on Finding the Inspiration to Invent in the New Year

Photo of Patricia Nolan-Brown, author of Idea to InventionThe following is a guest post from Patricia Nolan-Brown, author of Idea to Invention:What You Need to Know to Cash in on Your Inspiration, explaining how to put innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit into practice by becoming an inventor.

If you’ve always wanted to be your own boss, and you dream of inventing a great product that sets the marketplace on fire, 2014 is the year to go for it. Why? Because there has never been a better time to be an inventor.

First, just look at all the TV shows and entrepreneur courses popping up all over the place. Gone are the days of being regarded as a wild-haired nut job living in some dank basement: now being an inventor has cachet.

Also, companies big and small are looking for outside ideas, and thanks to the Internet, reaching decision-makers is as easy as finding them on social media and then reaching out.

Third, the costs associated with inventing have been dramatically reduced so now anybody can be one: the playing field is completely level. Methods of manufacture and ways to prototype a product have become easier and cheaper, thanks to 3D printers, and if you do need cash, crowdfunding is a great option. Provisional patents offer a way for inventors to protect an idea without going to the expense of a full-on Non-Provisional Patent. And you can market your product on the Internet for free or for next-to-nothing.

So put it at the very top of your New Year’s Resolutions list: “this year I’m going to get serious about being an inventor!” Sure, I know most New Year’s Resolutions feel pretty daunting and the failure rate is high, but that’s because most people don’t know the right steps they need to take in order to achieve their goal. Being an inventor takes a few steps, too, and that’s where I come in: I can help you to learn the Six Simple Steps to invention, and practice the six I.N.V.E.N.T. traits to help you turn your idea into a product. It’s all in my new book, Idea to Invention and it’s as easy as six by six.

The world needs your fantastic creativity. Many people stop themselves right out of the gate worrying that their little idea isn’t a million dollar one, but it’s notoriously impossible to predict best-sellers. You don’t really know it won’t go viral, so stay positive! Or what if feels like you don’t have any ideas at all? No problem: Idea to Invention offers lots of ways to think like an inventor and get those brainstorms going.

But if you do lose steam, don’t get discouraged: just shoot for February 11 as your targeted start date. Why? Because it’s National Inventors Day, established by President Ronald Reagan, so we even have a special day to honor us. How cool is that?

Jacket image, Idea to Invention by Patricia Nolan-BrownI want to inspire, motivate, and challenge you to change your life and change the world in 2014. With just a little help, you can invent yourself and prosper!

Patricia Nolan-Brown, popular motivational speaker, consultant, and noted inventor of the original rear-facing carseat mirror, has sold millions of products, and has built businesses around numerous patents and trademarks.

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