Smart Sales Manager Named 2014 Book of the Year by American Association of Inside Sales Professionals

Jacket image, Smart Sales Manager by Josiane Chriqui FeigonThe American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) chose Smart Sales Manager: The Ultimate Playbook for Building and Running a High-Performance Inside Sales Team by Josiane Feigon to be its Book of The Year.

Each year the AA-ISP recognizes outstanding individuals, teams, and organizations for performance and accomplishments through a variety of awards. We congratulate and send our thanks to each and every member of this elite group of individuals. Together, we are making a difference!

The AA-ISP is an international association dedicated to advancing the profession of inside sales. The association engages in research studies, organizational benchmarking and leadership round tables to better understand and analyze the trends, challenges, and key components of the growth and development of the inside sales industry.

Congratulations to Josiane and all the other award winners, and thank you, AA-ISP!

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