Random Quotes from New Books This August

Jacket image, The Customer Experience 3.0 by John GoodmanCustomer Experience 3.0: High-Profit Strategies in the Age of Techno Service  by John A. Goodman

“For example, if customers of one leading technology company call for assistance 91 days after purchase, and the customer does not have an extended warranty beyond the first 90 days, the company flatly refuses any support. This is because the finance and product management departments both believe that even one free support call would cost too much. My  rough math suggetested that the damage to loyalty of being rebuffed and the impact of WOM and the lost accompanying revenue were at least 10 times the cost of the support call—but I argued to no avail. This company did not understand the math of future loss and potential long-term gain. (page 51)

Jacket image, The Facility Management HandbookThe Facility Management Handbook, Fourth Edition, by Kathy O. Roper, CFM, LEED AP, and Richard P. Payant, CFM, CPE

“There is more to security than locks, keys, alarms, and cameras. When planning to renovate or construct a new facility, security should be a major consideration. Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) was originally conceived in the late 1960s and has evolved over the last forty years into an approach that has gained international acceptance with law enforcement entities. The theory of CPTED is based on the concept that design, using information from the built environment, can have a positive impact on reducing crime and improving quality of life. According to CPTED security consultants, a private consulting firm specializing in security, there are four built environment strategies that should be used in design guidelines when preparing a facility security assessment, as discussed in the following subsections.” (page 344)

Jacket image, In Faith and In Doubt by Dale McGowanIn Faith and In Doubt: How Religious Believers and Nonbelievers Can Create Strong Marriages and Loving Families by Dale McGowan

“Still, there’s a pretty fundamental difference between the religious and nonreligious ways of seeing the world. Even if there is common ground, each perspective still has an inherent rejection of the other at its core. Making a secular/religious marriage work doesn’t require us to deny that conflict, only to place it among the many differences that every couple carries into marriage. As the humanistic rabbi Adam Chalom once put it, every marriage is a mixed marriage, bringing difference of a hundred kinds together. When a believer and a nonbeliever come together, the mix is there, it’s real, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm the common ground. This is true in part because religion, irreligion, and marriage itself have undergone tremendous changes in recent generations.” (page 15)

Jacket image, Nonstop Sales Boom by Colleen FrancisNonstop Sales Boom: Powerful Strategies to Drive Consistent Growth Year After Year by Colleen Francis

“Alan Weiss, who has worked with me on this book, recalls a time he visited the vet with his dog. He saw the Merck Manual on the counter and told the vet that Merck was a large client of his.

‘Do you know,’ said the vet with wet eyes, ‘that Merck has done more for animal health over the past decade than any other company on earth?’

When he next appeared before the AgVet (Merck’s animal health division) sales force, he told that story, and the room was absolutely quiet. Surprised, he later asked the vice president what had happened.

‘All we hear,’he said, ‘are stories of how we missed a shipment or produced a bad side effect. We never really hear this. It’s inspiring, and that one story will last all year for our team’s motivation.’

How often are you sharing customer success stories with your colleagues?” (page 236)

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