Sneak Peek: AMACOM’s Fall 2014 Catalog

Image of AMACOM Books Fall 2014 Catalog CoverIn these lazy days of summer, it’s hard to imagine that the leaves will soon be turning, and snow isn’t too far off after that. But, with a new fall/winter catalog online full of great AMACOM Books coming out in only a few months, can’t help but be excited for the change of seasons.

Here are some of the  fall and winter books we can’t wait to get in stores and on your shelves:

Lead with Humility: 12 Leadership Lessons from Pope Francis by Jeffrey A. Krames

Anticipate: The Art of Leading by Looking Ahead by Rob-Jan de Jong

Home for Dinner: Mixing Food, Fun, and Conversation for a Happier Family and Healthier Kids by Dr. Anne K. Fishel

Fail Fast or Win Big: The Start-Up Plan for Starting Now by Bernhard Schroeder

The Brian Tracy Success Library: Creativity & Problem-Solving and Sales Success
Tell us what you think in the comments!

Jacket image, Lead with Humility by Jeffrey A. Krames

Jacket image, Anticipate by Rob-Jan De JongJacket image, Home for Dinner by Anne K. Fishel

Jacket image, Fail Fast or Win Big by Bernhard SchroederJacket image, Brian Tracy Success Library, Sales Success

Jacket image, Brian Tracy Success Library, Creativity & Problem Solving


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