Spotlight on Data Crush

Jacket image, Data Crush by Christopher SurdakWe’re shining a spotlight on Data Crush: How the Information Tidal Wave is Driving New Business Opportunities and on the author, Chris Surdak. Both the book and the author’s presentations on the topic have received acclaim and started interesting conversations about technology and the impact of big data in the business world.

getAbstract chose Data Crush as an International Book Awards Finalist for 2014.
UPDATE: Data Crush has won the the getAbstract International Book Award 2014.

T+D had this to say about Data Crush:

“For readers looking for answers to questions such as ‘What’s driving big data?’ ‘How will big data affect my business?’ and ‘How should we respond?’ Data Crush puts this knowledge in easy reach.”

CIO Insight said Data Crush

“…offers a wide range of best practices to maximize the value of data as a business-driving asset.”

Inside Big Data said:

“Backed by extensive research and the real-world experience of early Big Data adopters, Surdak makes a compelling case for embracing the explosion of data for a deeper and richer understanding of any business and its customers…Surdak wraps it all up with five vivid, highly conceivable scenarios of everyday life and business as usual in the year 2020. Engaging as well as informative and useful, Data Crush, provides an expert compass for navigating a world awash in data and a life jacket for cruising through the adventure.”

Nationally syndicated columnist Joyce Lain Kennedy said

“Surdak’s new book Data Crush stands out in the business-reader market place by clearly explaining what started and continues today’s almost unimaginable surge of data and how that trend will affect an individual’s business in a world continually flooded with information.”

The Futurist said:

Data Crush is an informative guide to the information-technology ecosystem and where it is heading. It’s optimal reading for business professionals in any industry.”

In a column that appeared on the Huffington Post, Martin Zwilling observed:

“You need to start now to understand the trends and specifics of the information tidal wave that is building up in front of us. Use the steps outlined here to stay ahead of it, and use its power to propel your startup into the future, ahead of your competition. The possibilities are endless…”

Data Rules and E-Discovery Law said:

“Either crush, or be crushed…Data Crush provides a roadmap for keeping your business on the right side of the tidal wave of data.”

Infoversant praised:

“…the book is an excellent resource to understand Big Data and know how its impacting business. The projects made by the author, although astonishing, are not unrealistic. Knowing these trends and the movement in business environment is essential for every business. Apart from business owners and managers, the book provides enough ideas and information for entrepreneurs to use data to create new solutions and applications for the information hungry market.”

Chris Surdak’s interviews about the book have included our own AMA Edgewise Podcast, along with numerous radio appearances.

Surdak has also given presentations about big data, technology and business at a number of conferences nationwide.

He has spoken at several conferences in support of his ideas. His speaking engagements have included presentations at The New York IT Leadership Academy Conference, The Virtual LegalTech Show, the Sedona Conference, this year’s Gaming Industry Conference, and The Western Republican Leadership Conference, along with many others nationwide.

Photo of Chris Surdak, author of Data CrushAt this year’s Niagara Summit, he gave a presentation entitled “What’s All the Hadoop About? Integrating Big Data Technologies Primer.

Christopher Surdak is a recognized expert in collaboration and content management, information security, regulatory compliance, and Cloud computing with over 20 years of professional experience. He is the senior manager for storage technologies for Accenture.


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