Podcast: Rob-Jan de Jong on Looking Ahead

Jacket Image of Anticipate by Rob-Jan de JongLeaders need vision. They need to be able to see things early and tune into clues that will allow them to successfully direct the future of their company. When leaders and companies do this and anticipate change before their competitors do, they gain enormous strategic advantage. Rob-Jan de Jong, author of Anticipate: The Art of Leading by Looking Ahead, sat down with the AMA Edgewise team to discuss the crucial skills you need in order to lead your company into the future.

Developing a vision for an organization is with no doubt a difficult task. In the book  Anticipate: The Art of Leading by Looking Ahead (published by AMACOM), Rob-Jan de Jong highlights the importance of visionary leadership. Frame a big-picture view that provides direction for the future of your organization.

Listen to Piyanka Jain on the AMA Edgewise Podcast.

Photo of Rob-Jan de Jong, author of AnticipateRob-Jan de Jong is one of the five faculty members in Wharton’s flagship executive program “Global Strategic Leadership.” A sought-after international consultant, he helps leaders and companies anticipate the future and arrive at winning strategies. His clients include Philips, ING, HCL, Dannon, and other top organizations. 

Listen to more interviews with AMACOM authors on the AMA Edgewise Podcast.


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