3 Questions with Scott Edinger

Our American Management Association New Media Team recently spoke with Scott Edinger, co-author of The Hidden Leader: Discover and Develop Greatness Within Your Company,  for its 3 Questions series on the American Management Association YouTube Channel.

What are the characteristics of a Hidden Leader?

How do Hidden Leaders help a business grow?

How do you create a culture of leadership in all levels of an organization?

Jacket cover of The Hidden Leader by Scott Edinger and Laurie SainScott K. Edinger, is founder of the Edinger Consulting Group, blogs for Harvard Business Review and Forbes, and is coauthor of The Inspiring Leader. He is a recognized expert in helping organizations achieve measurable business results. Prior to starting his consulting firm, Scott served as executive vice president for the leadership consultancy Zenger Folkman and as senior vice president of sales for Huthwaite. 

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