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Random Quotes from New Books This April

Jacket cover of Confronting Capitalism by Philip KotlerConfronting Capitalism: Real Solutions for a Troubles Economic System by Philip Kotler

       If job creation remains low, what can be done to assist the unemployed? We already know that certain groups are particularly unable to find jobs. The unemployment rate is high for young African Americans. College students are graduating with accumulated student debt of over $1 trillion. And many seniors who lose their jobs are finding it hard to be rehired or find work at the wages they formerly received. How are these people to be supported? 

       Sadly, the cost of supporting the unemployed exceeds the cost of creating a job for them. This suggests that the great needs of the society for better education, health, and infrastructure ought to be met by the government supplying these jobs in the absence of the private sector creating them. The private sector’s interest lies in reducing its payroll expenses, not creating new jobs. As the government’s role increases in supplying work for the unemployed, it must fund the programs (much like the Works Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s) through either higher taxes or printing more money. The former becomes harder because of citizen resistance to higher taxes in an economy with more poor people. The alternative, printing money, has the potential of producing runaway inflation (pages 90 & 91).

Jacket cover of Be Your Customer's Hero by Adam ToporekBe Your Customer’s Hero: Real-World Tips & Techniques for the Service Front Lines by Adam Toporek

        When you allow difficult customers to rent space in your head, they tend to take up space that could be used for more empowering customers—and worse, they tend to attract their own kind. It’s a version of what’s known in psychology as confirmation bias. The more negative customers you allow in, the more tend to show up, because they confirm the underlying belief that allowed them to make camp in your mind in the first place. 

       The decision to let negative or difficult customers rent space in your head is yours and yours alone. You can choose to simply let it go. Let your attitude toward customers be shaped by the majority of wonderful people who need your help, not by the few who throw your day off track. 

       Of one thing I’m certain: Once you kick these negative tenants out you’ll find that you like who comes to live in your head a lot better (page 23). 

Jacket cover of Business Strategy by Brian TracyBusiness Strategy from The Brian Tracy Success Library by Brian Tracy

       Here’s a risky strategy that can lead to great rewards: creating a new market. The best way to create a new market is to find the problem first. There are problems for which there are no solutions. Your solution is the new market. Minivans fill our roads today, but it wasn’t so long ago that the market for minivans didn’t exist. Chrysler, recognizing that its gas-guzzling full-size vans were becoming less popular, saw the need for a scaled-down version of vans. A new and very profitable market was born (page 83).

Jacket cover of Leading with Cultural Intelligence, 2nd Edition by David LivermoreLeading with Cultural Intelligence: The Real Secret to Success, 2nd Edition by David Livermore

       Unlike during most Western business dinners, business itself is usually the least talked about topic during a Chinese business dinner. If anything, it’s saved for a sliver of time at the end of dinner, although at that point, most of the people involved are so drunk that no real business decisions can come out of it. But don’t think this means it’s a wast of time. The point of the dinner is to solidify relationships. It’s a big part of determining whether you’re trustworthy and to see how you behave when you aren’t sober enough to filter what you say. Expect personal questions and don’t be afraid to talk about your personal life. And if you keep drinking, it will be seen as a symbol of friendship. The more you drink, the more pleased your cohorts will be, because it shows you’re willing to get drunk with them, just like you would with your friends. The Chinese believe that drinking together deepens and strengthens friendships because it loosens people up and helps relieve misunderstanding, no matter how tense the situation might be. Granted, there are certainly times when excessive drinking will be used to wear you down. But the primary orientation behind this practice is social (page 77).

Jacket cover of Stress-Free Discipline by Sara Au and Peter L StavinohaStress-Free Discipline: Simple Strategies for Handling Common Behavior Problems by Sara Au and Peter L. Stavinoha

       As parents, you will have Absolutes—behaviors you absolutely expect from family members. They reflect your values and thus are different for every family. There are no right or wrong items for you and your spouse to put on this list. 

       Here’s what an Absolute means: You will absolutely not tolerate a behavior and will stop what you’re doing to address that issue immediately, taking decisive action and brooking no explanations. These are the lines in the sand that, when crossed, provoke a reaction that conveys to your child that he has gone too far. Absolute consistent: Every time this behavior happens, you are resolute and take action in response. Coordinate and predetermine your response with any other adult who helps to parent your child. 

       Keep your family’s list of Absolutes very short. These are things you’re going to go to the mat for, and if you choose too many, you’ll be on the mat too often. You won’t be able to effectively parent with such rigid parameters. For example, in many families, hitting is never tolerated. If you and your spouse determine that will be one of your Absolutes, then every time you see your child hit someone, you always need to react with consequence. Many families use a swift Time-Out in these cases (pages 35 & 36). 

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