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Eat Like a Champion Now Available on NetGalley

Jacket cover of Eat Like a Champion by Jill CastleYoung athletes endure long practices, intense competitions, and growing pains, and often, they do so, unknowingly, without the proper nutrition. Eat Like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete by Jill Castle provides parents with a clear outline and understanding of how best to nourish their young athlete. Journalists, booksellers, book reviewers, librarians, and media professionals interested in learning more about all aspects of the diet of the young athlete are invited to request Eat Like a Champion for review.

Fuel the performance of your young athlete. 

Kids have their own nutritional needs—especially athletic kids. Yet most young athletes aren’t eating properly to compete. Even if they’re on a “healthy” diet, it’s often supplemented by convenient but empty calories that are actually slowing them down.

Fortunately, with the right nutrition, young athletes can increase their energy, bolster their motivation, gain muscle mass, overcome fatigue, and improve their performance. Eat Like a Champion will help their parents:

Tailor diets for training, competition, and even off-season • Find the best food options, whether at home or on the go • Address counterproductive or unhealthy eating patterns • Understand where supplements, sports drinks, and performance-enhancing substances do—and don’t—fit in • And more

It took a registered dietitian who specializes in child and adolescent nutrition to write a book as focused and informative as this—complete with charts, recipes, and practical meal and snack ideas that can help athletic youngsters eat to win. It’s a must-read for every parent of active kids ages eight through eighteen.

about-jillJill Castle, MS, RDN, CDN, is a registered dietitian and child nutrition expert. A contributor to SportingKid magazine, a representative to the Youth Sports Safety Alliance, and the mother of four young athletes, she writes about sports nutrition for websites and sports organizations. She is the coauthor of Fearless Feeding.


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