Podcast: Scott K. Edinger on Leading Regardless of Title

Jacket cover of the Hidden Leader by Scott K. Edinger

Regardless of title, leaders can be found at every level of a business. How can management identify the hidden leaders that drive company success? Author Scott K. Edinger sat down with the AMA Edgewise team to discuss his book, The Hidden Leader: Discover and Develop Greatness Within Your Company, and why locating these secret saviors can be the key to improving your company.

When we think about leaders of an company we tend to look up the organizational hierarchy and focus on title. Scott K. Edinger, coauthor of The Hidden Leader, published by AMACOM, understands the impulse but wants you to remember that there’s plenty of leadership power that doesn’t just come from a title. It’s your go-to people, the mid-level managers and individual contributors who are ready to be tapped. So before you look to outside sources for solutions, remember to look at the resources you already have.

Listen to Scott K. Edinger on the AMA Edgewise Podcast.

Scott K. Edinger, author of The Hidden LeaderScott K. Edinger, founder of Edinger Consulting Group, is recognized as an expert in helping organizations achieve measurable business results. Coauthor of The Inspiring Leader, he blogs for Harvard Business Review and Forbes.

Listen to more interviews with AMACOM authors on the AMA Edgewise Podcast.


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