Random Quotes from New Books This August: Round 1

We have so many great books publishing in August that we are presenting our new titles in two blog posts. Enjoy reading about them and let us know what you think about the books.

We Are Market Basket: The Story of the Unlikely Grassroots Movement That Saved a Beloved Business by Daniel Korschun and Grant Welker

Jacket cover of We Are Market Basket

“At Market Basket, associates are aware that they are not just selling groceries; they are raising consumers’ standards of living through low prices. Other supermarkets advertise low prices too. What is unique at Market Basket is how strong and pervasive this sense of serving the community through the business model is. Executives remind associates frequently and explicitly. Their purpose at work is to make people’s lives better, especially those who are in vulnerable or disadvantaged situations” (page 54).

Stronger: Develop the Resilience You Need to Succeed by Dr. George S. Everly Jr., Dr. Douglas A. Strouse, and Dr. Dennis K. McCormack
Jacket cover of Stronger

“Taking personal responsibility requires courage, perhaps more courage than being decisive. After all, most of us believe that mistakes are who we are, rather than what we did. We’re quick to seek other people or things to blame should the outcome of a decision not be as desirable as hoped. In doing so, we abdicate responsibility for failure and forfeit the personal benefit to be gained from rebirth” (page 71).

Green Giants: How Smart Companies Turn Sustainability Into Billion-Dollar Businesses by E. Freya Williams

“Green Giants are different from these traditional green brands. They understand that for most people, sustainability is increasingly desirable, but it still comes in as a runner-up in the relevance stakes to whatever primary functional or emotional benefit they seek, be it flavor, usefulness, cachet, health, or value. Green Giants build their marketing around human wants, needs, and desires first, showing that sustainability delivers the benefits people want, rather than flagging sustainability itself. And this enables them to cast a much wider net for customers than focusing on sustainability alone” (page 176).

Fitness After 40: Your Strong Body at 40, 50, 60, and Beyond (Second Edition) by Vonda Wright, M.D. with Ruth Winter
Jacket cover of Fitness After 40, Second Edition

“You are not destined for frailty as you age. You can be vital, active, joyful, and mobile long into the foreseeable future. Why, then, do people believe this myth? I contend that you are not playing as hard as you once did because you are not playing as hard as you once did. Did you get that? To stay strong and vital, you must play hard and challenge your body like you did when you were young in years. Your body is a dynamic and masterful adapter capable of consistent mobility throughout your life span if you can stave off many of the changes and ‘slowing down’ that you might have just assumed were inevitable aspects of aging” (page 20).


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