Random Quotes from New Books This August: Round 2

With all the new books we’re publishing this August, we’ve split our new releases into two posts. Enjoy our second batch of quotes from this month’s books:

Millennials with Kids: Marketing to This Powerful and Surprisingly Different Generation of Parents by Jeff Fromm and Marissa Vidler

Jacket cover of Millennials with Kids

“Brands that sit on their Big Data and don’t leverage it to create a better customer experience are missing the mark. When used correctly, Big Data can enable brands to create predictive analytics based on the spending patterns of the most loyal customers. … Millennials are ripe for programs that collect this type of data because, as a whole, they are more likely to share personal information with brands if they receive benefits” (page 186-87).

Your Own Terms: A Woman’s Guide to Taking Charge of Any Negotiation by Yasmin Davidds, PsyD with Ann Bidou
Jacket cover of Your Own Terms

“Women often operate on the assumption that when we agree quickly, we’re providing satisfaction. Actually, we’re doing the opposite. Saying ‘yes’ too quickly reduces the sense of ‘winning’ and, therefore, satisfaction. You value something more when you have to work for it! So make no mistake: Collaboration does not mean quick capitulation” (page 13).



Venture Mom: From Idea to Income in Just 12 Weeks by Holly Hurd
Jacket cover of Venture Mom

“The organizational tool Candice developed, called ‘The EDWIN,”’ short for Educational Winners, is designed to help kids organized and store essential documents and important papers, helping them to build skills that will not only help them in the runup to college applications but long after. She originally intended to use her system for her own clients. However, when the private school where she worked bought The EDWIN for each of their ninth graders, she realized there was a market for her product—one that would enable her to reach a much broader audience” (page 88).

High-Impact Human Capital Strategy: Addressing the 12 Major Challenges Today’s Organizations Face by Jack J. Phillips and Patricia Pulliam Phillips
Jacket cover of High-Impact Human Capital Strategy

“Engagement is usually a principle component or determinate of a ‘Great Place to Work.’ There are many Great Place to Work programs, ranging from the most well-know, Fortune’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For,’ to those of a particular professional field, locale, or specialty (such as diversity). For example, in Fortune’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For,’ two-thirsd of the determinate for being on the list is the score of an engagement survey given to a randomly selected sample of employees. This is very powerful data, and a positive score is desired by the executive team as they build a great place to work. Being included on such a list helps attract and retain employees, and although the award itself is intangible, it is obviously connected to tangible measures” (page 113).



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