Random Quotes from New Books This October

Talking to Crazy: How to Deal with the Irrational and Impossible People in Your Life by Mark Goulston

Jacket cover of Talking to Crazy by Mark Goulston

“If you think of the people around you as impatient and selfish, envision them as patient and generous—and remember the kind things they’ve done for you. If you perceive the people around you as unreliable, think of them as reliable. If you perceive the people around you as unloving, picture them as loving.
“What will happen when you do this? The people who truly are negative may come around, at least a little. And the people who aren’t truly negative—the ones you’ve been misperceiving—will respond to your new behavior with relief, gratitude, and warmth. And occasionally, you may discover that the irrational person in the relationship was actually you”
(page 55).

The Optimistic Workplace: Creating an Environment that Energizes Everyone by Shawn Murphy
Jacket cover of The Optimistic Workplace by Shawn Murphy“Another outdated belief about the workplace is that autonomy is not important for rank-and-file employees. As adults, we need to feel autonomous in the way we go about living our lives and making our own decisions. In the workplace, leaders should not take for granted the importance and motivating influences of autonomy. Psychology researchers Edward Deci and Richard Ryan have studied the effects of autonomy on performance and have found numerous benefits important to individuals, and ultimately to organizations. First, when people identify with work’s value and ‘have integrated it into their sense of self,’ they perform better when solving problems. They also experience positive psychological health” (page 33).

Sales Management. Simplified.: The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team by Mike Weinberg

Jacket cover of Sales Management Simplified by Mike Weinberg

“How do your people respond when a potential client they haven’t been working with summons them to come in for a presentation or demo, or announces that he’s gathering his team together and wants their best dog and pony show? Do they get all lathered up, enthusiastically preparing for their big moment in the spotlight? Or do they raise one eyebrow, pause to think, and begin to wonder what prompted this prospect’s request? Do they run headfirst and blind into this premature presentation, or do they assert control of the situation and begin an important dialogue with the customer? Put bluntly, are they yes men (order takers) willing to do whatever a customer wants hoping to earn obedience points on the way to a sale? Or are they confident enough to push back on the request, professionally and respectfully informing the prospect that they’d love to come in and present, but only at the right time, after having had the opportunity to meet various stakeholders, better understand what prompted the request, and learn more about the situation so they can then craft a relevant presentation?” (page 94).

Stress-Free Potty Training: A Commonsense Guide to Finding the Right Approach for Your Child by Sara Au and Peter Stavinoha
Jacket cover of Stress-Free Potty Training, Second Edition“Praise is not only healthier [than a candy reward], but there is an inexhaustible, free supply of it. We always have some with us. As parents, it also gives us the chance to specifically target what we really want to reinforce—our kid’s effort, willingness, and interest. Based on our feedback, our children will begin to value the same traits we are reinforcing—persistence, tolerance, overcoming frustration, patience, bravery, commitment to a goal, and so on. Reinforcing all of that can be done quickly and efficiently in a statement of admiration or even a quick burst of applause. The very best time to start working on the development of an internal achievement mindset in a child is early childhood!” (page 52).

The Emotional Intelligence Activity Kit: 50 Easy and Effective Activities for Building EQ by Adele B. Lynn and Janele R. Lynn

Jacket cover of Emotional Intelligence Activity Kit

“As a predictor of performance, Druskat found that emotional intelligence is two times more accurate as a predictor of performance than cognitive intelligence, and it predicts success beyond an employee’s skill, knowledge, or ability” (page 1).

Learning for Life: How Continuous Education Will Keep Us Competitive in the Global Knowledge Economy by Jason Wingard and Michelle LaPointe
Jacket cover of Learning for Life by Jason Wingard and Michelle LaPointe
“In countries such as the United States, the steepest decline in skill demands is no longer in the area of manual skills, but rather in routine cognitive skills. When we can access the world’s knowledge on the Internet, when routine skills are being digitized or outsourced, and when jobs are changing rapidly, accumulating knowledge matters less, and success becomes increasingly about ways of thinking (creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and judgment), about ways of working (collaboration and teamwork), and about the sociocultural tools that enable us to interact with the world” (page 12).


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  1. Richardson, Barry

    See sentence quoted from The Emotional Intelligence Activity Kit.


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