Dispatches from Frankfurt: Thoughts from the Fair


Therese in the AMACOM booth with Arnhild Walz-Rasilier, Vice President of Rights at getAbstract

The business meeting days of the Frankfurt Book Fair have whizzed by in a blur of sessions. Therese Mausser, AMACOM’s Master Seller and Negotiator, had appointments each half hour from 9 to 6 and rarely left the meeting table except to search the booth shelves for yet another title to pique the interest of the foreign publisher or agent.

In addition to presenting the forthcoming Spring 2016 list, in these meetings Therese pitches all the recent titles and any unsold backlist title that might garner interest. We always experience a surprise or two. We anticipated the interest we have received in Mark Goulston‘s recently published Talking to Crazy, but the number of publishers who took note of The Emotional Intelligence Activity Kit by Adele B. Lynn and Janele R. Lynn exceeded our expectations.

Not a surprise is the ongoing interest in our collection of Brian Tracy titles. The Brian Tracy Success Library has already been translated into a host of languages, but there are many opportunities still to mine–and Therese will chase them all. Plus, there are still countries that don’t have Lead With Humility: 12 Leadership Lessons from Pope Francis by Jeffrey A. Krames in their local language, including Italy, home of the Pope. I’m sure this will no longer be the case by this time next year.

A sampling of some Brian Tracy translations already on the market

A sampling of some Brian Tracy translations already on the market

While in most cases negotiations start after Frankfurt, when interested foreign publishers have had a chance to review the text of the book, this year the rights to three titles were sold on the spot, including those to John Baldoni’s 12 Steps to Power Presence.

The actual fair is over, but much follow-up work remains before interest turns into deals with real dollars attached.

— Rosemary Carlough, Vice President of Marketing and our faithful correspondent from the Frankfurt Book Fair

Hall 6 at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Hall 6 at the Frankfurt Book Fair


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