AMACOM Parenting Books 2015

It’s been a banner year for parenting books at AMACOM. From winter to spring to summer to fall, about children from toddlers to grade schoolers to teenagers, on topics ranging from family dinner to child-on-parent bullying to young athlete nutrition, we’ve published books that provide practical advice, illustrative stories, and the motivation that keeps parents at their best. Take a look at our 2015 parenting titles below!

Dial Down the Drama: Reducing Conflict and Reconnecting with Your Teenage Daughter–A Guide for Mothers Everywhere by Colleen O’Grady (November 2015)
Jacket cover of Dial Down the Drama by Colleen O'Grady

Written by a family therapist who has repaired thousands of mother-daughter relationships, Dial Down the Drama offers relief to moms at their wit’s end in the form of concrete methods to de-escalate scenes, explanations of the neuroscience behind a smart daughter’s occasional hare-brained decisions, and long-term strategies for self-care–because, as O’Grady puts it, “a great mom is not a machine; she is a healthy, multifaceted human being”.

“Family therapist O’Grady reaches out with compassion, just a bit of sass, and—most importantly—a well-organized plan for keeping mother-daughter bonds from spiraling out of emotional control.”Publishers Weekly

Stress-Free Potty Training: A Commonsense Guide to Finding the Right Approach for Your Child by Sara Au and Peter L. Stavinoha, Ph.D. (October 2015)
Jacket cover of Stress-Free Potty Training

Every child is different, so why would one toilet-training strategy work for all of them? This second edition of Au and Stavinoha’s guide to tailoring this process for any child includes their classic quiz for your child’s personality type and new techniques for a variety of specific obstacles.

“Enter Dr. Pete and Sara and their miraculous “Stress-Free Potty Training,” which offers thoughtful planning and effective communication techniques to help parents tailor their training techniques and avoid stress during this major milestone of their child’s life.”The Family Coach

Eat Like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete by Jill Castle, MS, RDN, CDN (July 2015)
Jacket cover of Eat Like a Champion by Jill Castle

Child and adolescent nutrition can be tough. Add a serious sport (or a few!) and the need for energy, the intense appetite, and the busy schedule that come along with it–suddenly nutrition is even tougher. Young athletes deserve diets that keep them healthy and assist their performance, and Jill Castle delivers just that with this incredibly informative and comprehensive book.

“Nutrition can be complex, even intimidating. Luckily, a new book has come out, Eat Like a Champion…must-read for athletes, and particularly parents.” —Garrett Weber-Gale, Olympic gold medalist, Splash magazine

When Kids Call the Shots: How to Seize Control from Your Darling Bully–And Enjoy Being a Parent Again by Sean Grover (June 2015)
Jacket cover of When Kids Call the Shots by Sean Grover

There’s a parenting epidemic that most people are scared to talk about: children bullying their parents. It isn’t easy for parents to admit that their child controls or abuses them. It isn’t easy to shift dysfunctional family dynamics, either, but Sean Grover shows how with compassion (and truly riveting stories of families who overcame such situations). He appeared on the Today Show to discuss the book!

“Overall, Grover’s empowering, motivating approach is highly compassionate to suffering, burnt-out parents without letting them off the hook for becoming self-aware adults who can make consciously better choices for themselves and their children.”Publishers Weekly

Stress-Free Discipline: Simple Strategies for Handling Common Behavior Problems by Sara Au and Peter L. Stavinoha, Ph.D. (April 2015)
Jacket cover of Stress-Free Discipline

Another brilliant resource from Au and Stavinoha, Stress-Free Discipline prepares parents for the difficult days of discipline. “Discipline is an investment in your child’s future,” the authors remind readers, and with that in mind they provide strategies to guide kids to good behavior in the long term, even as they alleviate immediate behavioral issues.

Stress-Free Discipline ensures that with the proper care and attention, children will ‘blossom and grow,’ and parents can enjoy the results minus any extra worry, anxiety, or tension.”Foreword Reviews

Home for Dinner: Mixing Food, Fun, and Conversation for a Happier Family and Healthier Kids by Anne K. Fishel, Ph.D. (January 2015)
Home for Dinner by Anne K. Fishel

The evidence is in: nightly family meals boost children’s cognitive development, mental health, and physical health. So why would any family leave them out? Well, as a parent, you surely know why–busy schedules for both adults and kids (maybe due to the sports that make Eat Like a Champion necessary), picky eaters, teenagers testing boundaries. Home for Dinner guides parents around these obstacles and back to the pillars of great family dinners: healthy food, talking and listening skills, and the fun that draws everyone in again and again.

“… shares accounts of healing, bonding, and communication when families gather together over a meal…author goes beyond and demonstrates solid tools and encouragement for implementation. Recommended with gusto.”Library Journal

parenting books 2015


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