Random Quotes from New Books This December

Be a Network Marketing Leader: Build A Community to Build Your Empire by Mary Christensen

Jacket cover of Be A Network Marketing Leader

“Coaches focus on action, not information. They guide, support, and encourage their team members to cultivate the strengths that will help them advance and eliminate the weaknesses that pose a threat to their progress. … More information does not lead to more action. Experience is the best teacher, and your team members will learn their most valuable lessons at the front lines, making calls, consulting, and presenting. That’s when they will benefit most from your guidance, encouragement, and support” (page 146-7).

MARY CHRISTENSEN is one of the most sought-after speakers on the direct selling circuit. Honored as the “Best of the Best Worldwide” by the Multilevel Marketing International Association, she is the author of Be a Network Marketing Superstar, Be a Recruiting Superstar, Be a Party Plan Superstar, and Be a Direct Selling Superstar.

christensen books

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