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Practicing your violin for 10,000 hours may make you an expert, but it won’t make you employed. With the performing artist’s route to financial stability more in flux than ever, musicians, actors, and dancers need to be experts in their art and in the business of their art.

Enter stage right: THE WORLD’S YOUR STAGE: How Performing Artists Can Make A Living While Still Doing What They Love, by William F. Baker, Warren C. Gibson, and Evan Leatherwood. Based William F. Baker’s celebrated course teaching Juilliard and Fordham students the business side of the performing arts industry, this book is the must-read for artists with real talent and real world savvy. Learn more:

THE WORLD’S YOUR STAGE – BOOK TRAILER from Bernard L. Schwartz Center on Vimeo.

WILLIAM F. BAKER, PH.D., is President Emeritus of THIRTEEN, New York’s flagship PBS station and the premier source of PBS programs nationwide. Over his twenty years as CEO, he launched Charlie Rose and won seven Emmy Awards. He is a Professor of Education at Fordham University, where he directs the Bernard L. Schwartz Center for Media, Public Policy and Education. Each spring he teaches a course on the business of performing arts to a select group of Fordham and Juilliard students. His previous book, Leading with Kindness (AMACOM; 2008), inspired a PBS documentary.

WARREN C. GIBSON, PH.D., is an engineer and economist who currently lectures at San Jose State University. He grew up with Bill Baker in the 1950’s in Cleveland.

EVAN LEATHERWOOD is a journalist and Slifka Fellow at the Bernard L. Schwartz Center for Media, Public Policy, and Education at Fordham University. His work has appeared in The Nation and on PBS.