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Cover art for Un-Prescription for Autism by Janet Lintala When medication works, it works. Yet what about when it’s used to mask symptoms of a larger issue? For children (and adults) with autism spectrum disorder, this happens all the time. Medication for irritability and aggression is often prescribed before a thorough investigation of the reasons for such behavior. As Janet Lintala, founder of the Autism Health! clinic, discusses on her website, “[The Un-Prescription for Autism] explains what is making them irritable, and gives helpful suggestions for providing relief at the source. This can reduce or eliminate the need for unnecessary medications.”

THE UN-PRESCRIPTION FOR AUTISM: A Natural Approach for a Calmer, Happier, and More Focused Child by Janet Lintala with Martha W. Murphy helps parents correct or ameliorate underlying issues common to those on the autism spectrum. Autism isn’t “treatable”–but people with autism are, and Janet Lintala has proven, actionable tools to lead to better health and happiness on the spectrum.

Journalists, booksellers, book reviewers, librarians, and media professionals interested in health with autism spectrum disorder are invited to request The Un-Prescription for Autism for review.

Each year, more than 50,000 U.S. families receive an autism diagnosis. On top of turmoil and worry, they share the same urgent question: What can we do to help our child?

The answers parents find can be contradictory…even dangerous. The conventional approach (employed by too many pediatricians) is to medicate difficult behaviors into submission—suppressing symptoms while leaving underlying health challenges untouched. Surfing the Internet for alternatives just leads to confusion.

Now, Dr. Janet Lintala, founder of the Autism Health center and an autism mom herself, shares the natural protocols used in her practice to dramatically improve the function and well-being of children on the spectrum. Drawing on the latest research developments, as well as personal and clinical experience, she targets the underlying issues (chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, gastrointestinal dysfunction, immune dysregulation) associated with the behavior, bowel, and sleep problems so common to autism.

Correcting these overlooked conditions with digestive enzymes, probiotics, antifungals, and other nonpsychiatric treatments brings transformative results: less pain, less aggression, and a child who is more receptive to behavioral and educational interventions.

While the medical profession is slow to change, autistic kids need help immediately. The Un-Prescription for Autism provides clear explanations, detailed protocols, and examples to help parents act quickly to restore their child’s health, self-control, and language—paving the way for reaching their full potential.

JANET LINTALA, DC founded and heads Autism Health!, serving children and adults in 12 states. Her advice integrates the clinical expertise of a nonprescription autism practice with the firsthand experience only an autism parent can deliver. MARTHA W. MURPHY is an award-winning health writer.

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