Random Quotes from New Books This February

Driven By Difference: How Great Companies Fuel Innovation Through Diversity by David Livermore

Jacket cover of Driven By Difference

“One study found that team members’ clarity about the task they need to accomplish is the most important factor of whether culturally diverse teams perform well. The more clarity brought to the issue or problem being addressed, the higher the quality of input from diverse participants (source). A high level of specificity around the task attenuates the confusion from cultural differences. The task itself provides a concrete way for diverse team members to compare their understanding and responses(page 132).

Meetings That Get Results (from the Brian Tracy Success Library) by Brian Tracy

Jacket cover of Meetings That Get Results, Brian Tracy Success Library

“Remember, if it is not necessary to meet, it is necessary not to meet–because the meeting ends up being a major time waster. Whenever time is wasted, morale and performance suffer” (page 8).

february 2016 new releases

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