Random Quotes from New Books This April

Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results—Without Losing Your Soul by Karin Hurt and David Dye

Jacket cover of Winning Well by Karin Hurt and David Dye

“David had fallen into a common management trap. He had not provided enough structure or accountability because he was worried about losing bodies. The problem is that when you let expectations slide, when you tolerate poor performance, when you allow abuse, you tell everyone else that you don’t care. Letting slackers slide reduces your credibility, causes your best performers to bolt, and leaves the rest of the team wondering why they bother. High performers hate nothing more than watching their poor-performing, soul-sucking teammates drag down results. That was Joanne’s message: Don’t waste my time or my work. Tolerating poor performance creates a morale death spiral that takes Herculean force to reverse(page 63).

Beyond the Sales Process by Steve Andersen and Dave Stein

Jacket cover of Beyond the Sales Process by Steve Andersen and Dave Stein

“Customer conversations do not elevate haphazardly, without reason. You’re able to extend and expand your dialogue with the customer because they see significant upside potential for themselves and their business. Pushing, pressuring, or otherwise attempting to manipulate your customer doesn’t work, especially if your goal is to establish a collaborative, ongoing relationship that creates value for both organizations.
“Think of it this way: it is as difficult to trust a person who is controlling, overbearing, and manipulative as it is not to trust someone who does his or her homework, explores possibilities, helps create a vision of success, and elevates the conversation because he or she can engage differently” (page 50).

The Un-Prescription for Autism by Janet Lintala with Martha W. Murphy

Jacket cover of Un-Prescription for Autism by Janet Lintala

“I’m saying your child will still be autistic but may eat, sleep, and play better, be in a better mood, and have better speech and social skills when these health issues are properly addressed. With some simple natural support strategies, ASD children may catch fewer colds and see their allergies calm down. Every child responds differently, but wouldn’t you love for yours to just have a good day most of the time?
“I often hear autism parents say their child doesn’t need to be ‘fixed.’ They accept him just as he is. I get that–I’m an autism mom and I love my son just as he is–but this host of physical and medical issues, which can affect everything from language, eye contact, and social skills to sleep, constipation, irritability, and aggression, shouldn’t be part of who any child is. Accepting your child for who he is doesn’t mean you have to accept poor health and impaired function as part of the package” (pages 13-14).

 april 2016 new releases

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