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JOBS TO BE DONE Now Available on NetGalley

Cover art for Jobs to be DoneFamous marketing mind Theodore Levitt once said, “People don’t want to buy a quarter inch drill bit. They want a quarter inch hole.” The product you choose is not always an end in itself; it is a means for something deeper you may want. This isn’t just a marketing principle, the way Theodore Levitt presented it, but a starting point for innovation itself. Clayton Christensen popularized this as the “jobs to be done” theory–now explicated for practical use by Stephen Wunker, Jessica Wattman, and David Farber in JOBS TO BE DONE: A Roadmap for Customer-Centered Innovation (AMACOM November 2016). Journalists, booksellers, book reviewers, librarians, and media professionals interested in innovation are invited to request Jobs to be Done for review.

Let your CUSTOMERS drive innovation.

Successful innovation doesn’t begin with a brainstorming session—it starts with the customer. So in an age of unlimited data, why do more than 50% of new products fail to meet expectations? The truth is that we need to stop asking customers what they want . . . and start examining what they need.

First popularized by Clayton Christensen, the Jobs to be Done theory argues that people purchase products and services to solve a specific problem. They’re not buying ice cream, for example, but celebration, bonding, and indulgence.

The concept is so simple (and can remake how companies approach their markets)—and yet many have lacked a way to put it into practice. This book answers that need. Its groundbreaking Jobs Roadmap guides you through the innovation process, revealing how to:

• Gather valuable customer insights

• Turn those insights into new product ideas

• Test and iterate until you find success

Follow the steps in Jobs to Be Done, and you’ll arrive at solutions that are both original and profitable.

STEPHEN WUNKER worked with Clay Christensen for years, led development of one of the first smartphones, and now runs New Markets Advisors. He has written for Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and The Financial Times. JESSICA WATTMAN is the consultancy’s Director of Social Innovation, and DAVID FARBER is a Manager at the Boston-based firm.

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