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Discovering the Library and the World

In honor of the new Librarian of Congress, Carla D. Hayden, who demonstrates how much more the Library of Congress is than a simple collection of books, we’re happy to reblog Andy Ambraziejus’s post from last year on the importance of libraries. Enjoy!

AMACOM Books Blog

The following is a guest post from Managing Editor Andy Ambraziejusabout his lifelong love of the library and the important role the library plays in the community.

“The library was a magical place for me.”
“The librarian was my secret ally.”
“Going to the library was a treat.”
“I loved books at an early age, practically living in the library during the summer months.”
“I loved walking to [the library], especially on snowy days.”

Those are some of the comments I got from my colleagues here at AMACOM  when I asked them about what going to the library has meant to them.  As you can see, the bonds many of us developed with libraries were deep.  Formed early in life, they made us think of libraries and librarians as our friends – nurturing, perhaps secret friends, who helped us discover new worlds through the books and other material we…

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