Podcast: Nick Westergaard on Getting Scrappy

Jacket cover of Get Scrappy Nick Westergaard recently sat down with the AMA Edgewise team to discuss his book, GET SCRAPPY: Smarter Digital Marketing for Businesses Big and Small. As Westergaard explains, it’s the best of times and it’s the worst of times when it comes to marketing–there are countless ways to broadcast a brand’s message in the digital age, but trying to figure out the best way can make your head spin. He’s here to help.

Social media is taking over marketing and it can be hard to keep up but you don’t have to be Coca-Cola to make a splash in digital marketing. Nick Westergaard, author of the new AMACOM book Get Scrappy, is here to talk about how to figure out a strategy that will work for you and your company no matter what size. You’ll be able to work smart, not hard, and do more with fewer resources.

Listen to Nick Westergaard on the AMA Edgewise Podcast.

Nick Westergaard, author of Get Scrappy


Nick Westergaard is Chief Brand Strategist at Brand Driven Digital, host of the popular On Brand podcast, and producer and host of the Social Brand Forum, the Midwest’s premier digital marketing event. An in-demand speaker, he also teaches branding and marketing at the University of Iowa.


Listen to more interviews with AMACOM authors on the AMA Edgewise Podcast.



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