Podcast: Leigh Stringer on The Healthy Workplace

Jacket cover of The Healthy Workplace Leigh Stringer recently sat down with the AMA Edgewise team to discuss her book, THE HEALTHY WORKPLACE: How to Improve the Well-Being of Your Employees–and Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line. Paying attention to (and spending money on) employee well-being yields bountiful dividends for any company, and Stringer explains how executives, human resources departments, managers, and even individuals can create a healthier workplace to benefit all.

Retention, recruiting, and even stock prices soar in companies that care about the health of their employees. Even when executives are looking to save every last penny of their budget, it pays to invest in the health and wellness of the people doing the day-to-day work. Leigh Stringer joins us to talk about her book, The Healthy Workplace (AMACOM July 2016), with some examples of companies who have done this successfully and some of their methods.

Listen to Leigh Stringer on the AMA Edgewise Podcast.

Leigh Stringer, author of The Healthy Workplace


Leigh Stringer is Senior Workplace Expert for EYP Architecture & Engineering and is researching employee health and productivity in conjunction with the Harvard School of Public Health, the Center for Active Design, and other leading organizations.



Listen to more interviews with AMACOM authors on the AMA Edgewise Podcast.


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