Podcast: Stephen Wunker on Jobs to Be Done

Jacket cover of Jobs to Be Done by Stephen Wunker, Jessica Wattman, and David Farber Stephen Wunker recently sat down with the AMA Edgewise team to discuss his book, JOBS TO BE DONE: A Roadmap for Customer-Centered Innovation (co-written with Jessica Wattman and David Farber), and how the best companies don’t focus on innovation for the sake of innovation: they determine what the customer wants–and not simply the product the customer wants to buy, but the end result they want to achieve. It’s customer-centered innovation, and it’s the right way to do innovation.

Stephen Wunker says most companies are innovating the wrong way. They’re making what their customers say they want. Instead they should be asking “why” their customers want those things and making a product the customer didn’t even know the needed. Today on Edgewise Stephen joins us to give examples of companies doing it right and to talk more about his book Jobs to Be Done, published by AMACOM.

Listen to Stephen Wunker on the AMA Edgewise Podcast.

Stephen Wunker, author of Jobs to be Done


STEPHEN WUNKER worked with Clayton Christensen for years, led development of one of the first smartphones, and now runs New Markets Advisors. He has written for Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and The Financial Times.


Listen to more interviews with AMACOM authors on the AMA Edgewise Podcast.



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