Spotlight on…Smart Mom, Rich Mom

Jacket image, Smart Mom Rich Mom by Kimberly PalmerWe’re shining our spotlight on SMART MOM, RICH MOM: How to Build Wealth While Raising a Family, by Kimberly Palmer, which has received media attention and acclaim for its focus on personal finance for women and families–and for Palmer’s true media savvy! We’re happy to share a few of the many great reviews and media appearances that have spread the word about this valuable book.

The book’s journey to media success began with a starred review from Publishers Weekly:

Excellent book…This invaluable resource does much more than fill a niche; it bridges a huge gap.

Palmer and her book appeared twice in The New York Times. In an initial review, her overall points and tone won praise:

Her general points — for example, that the spending and saving habits we develop in our 20s have a significant impact on our financial future — are solid. And she is occasionally very witty.

…and in a “Your Money” column by Ron Lieber, the focus shifted to one of Palmer’s best-loved ideas: the money letter.

Kimberly Palmer still has the money letter her mother wrote her and her two younger sisters 13 years ago, and in her new book, “Smart Mom, Rich Mom: How to Build Wealth While Raising a Family,” she offers a template that parents or grandparents can use to pass on similar wisdom.

Plus, Smart Mom, Rich Mom sparked conversation on the New York Times Well blog when Ron Lieber asked: Should Moms Manage the Money?

“Daddy has to work! You have to come pick us up!”

When Kimberly Palmer heard those words come out of the mouth of her 5-year-old daughter, she was dumbfounded. Both she and her husband have full-time jobs, so where had the little girl gotten the idea that Daddy’s work mattered more?

Nationally syndicated columnist Terri Schlichenmeyer gave Smart Mom, Rich Mom a valuable positive review in her Back to School Books column:

No doubt about it: there’s a lot to take away from reading Smart Mom, Rich Mom…packed with useable, reliable information and good advice.

Meanwhile, Palmer broadened her reach on respected radio shows and podcasts like The Motley Fool, on which she spoke more about the great Money Letter. They liked her so much, they had her back to speak about The Economy of You!


Palmer spoke about Smart Mom, Rich Mom on CNBC’s On the Moneygo, Kimberly!

A story of Palmer’s and a mention of the book led a Cosmopolitan article on women and investing:

When Kimberly Palmer started investing a small amount of money in her 20s, she went to her parents’ financial adviser, an older man at a big bank. Then the dot-com bubble burst, and Palmer called him in a panic, saying she wanted to sell off all her tech stocks. “I didn’t realize the concept of don’t sell low. I didn’t understand much about investing,” recalls Palmer, now 36 and the author of the forthcoming book Smart Mom, Rich Mom.

Palmer wrote for The Washington Post about being a money role model for children, for USA Today about how having children early in life can benefit women’s careers, and Business Insider about that evergreen Money Letter. A widely syndicated review of the book from the Chicago Tribune spread her message further (“New book aims to reduce financial costs of motherhood“), as did an equally widely syndicated Q&A from USA Today (“Advice from ‘smart moms’ on family finances“). Further coverage online from CNBC, The Economist, and Forbes hit home Palmer’s important economic message.

We can’t possibly cover all the coverage here–Palmer’s message is so important and well-delivered, there are many more corners of the media world who clamored for her insights. Congratulations, SMART MOM, RICH MOM and Kimberly Palmer!

Kimberly Palmer, author of Smart Mom Rich Mom

KIMBERLY PALMER author of THE ECONOMY OF YOU: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life, was the senior money editor at US News & World Report for nine years. She is an adjunct professor at American University, where she teaches a course on mastering social media. She lives with her family, including two children, in the Washington, D.C., area..



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