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Random Quotes from New Books this November

Do Good: Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit by Anne Bahr Thompson

 DoGood“Technology has opened all our eyes—not only those of Millennials and Gen Zers—to new cultures and new lifestyles. And in doing so, it has widened everyone’s opportunities for belonging to global communities, alongside local ones, and to virtual groups side by side with physical cliques. Our technologically facilitated interconnectedness naturally promotes more fluid self-definition. Although some people have always broken out of their social group or taken on multiple personas, they historically did so cautiously—and, societally, not at such a large scale.” (p. 185)

Don’t Pay for Your MBA: The Faster, Cheaper, Better Way to Get the Business Education You Need by Laurie Pickard


“What will you do with your education? Or,
to put it another way, what skills will you learn and how will you use them to forward your career? Just sitting in a classroom or clicking your way through an online course won’t land you a job or win you a promotion or attract investors to your new business idea, unless you can put your education to work in the real world. An education is not the sum total of hours spent in the classroom or a gilt-edged degree hanging on your wall; it’s a key to solving problems and performing tasks that employers and investors value.   Money chases value, not vice versa.” (p. 60)

The Inside Guide to Funding Real Estate Investments: How to Get the Money You Need for the Property You Want by Ross Hamilton


“For anyone involved in real estate, it is very important to understand what asset-based lending is and how to find quality asset-based real estate lenders. Asset-based lending is a broad term that usually describes lending that is specifically used for business purposes. At its very core, asset-based lending is a business loan that is secured by some sort of asset as collateral. Assets can include a real property, business inventory, accounts receivable, or other balance sheet assets.” (p. 13)

Shift Ahead: How the Best Companies Stay Relevant in a Fast-Changing World by Allen Adamson and Joel Steckel


“Leaders of all organizations can’t help but know today that they face the threat of “disruption,” as they’ve watched companies such as Amazon, Google, Airbnb, and Netflix transform retail, advertising, travel, and media. It’s using threat of disruption as a positive prompt for sustainable, innovative solutions that separates the winners from the losers in making the shift.” (p. 13)


November Books 2017

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